Nautical Aran

Nautical Aran


    With every single pattern and stitch paying homage to the clans that so closely guarded them, the Aran Jumper remains as one of the most fascinating jumpers around. The patterns we've carefully selected draw their roots from Celtic Art and each has a distinct meaning. Unlike cheaper Aran jumpers, ours feature their distinct patterns on the front and reverse.

    Our Nautical Aran features a striped cuff and welt for some extra character. The Cables for example depict a fisherman's rope, and represent a wish for a fruitful day at the mercy of the ruthless ocean. The intricate moss stitch, created by alternating knits and purls, depict the seaweed that was used to fertilise the barren fields in hope for a good harvest.

    Our rendition of the Aran Jumper comes in 11 beautifully hand-picked colours, and the 100% Wool composition means you get all the thermal and hydrophobic benefits that were required by the original Irish inventors of the wind ravished Aran Islands.

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