The Anti-Bacterial Yarn Used In Our Face Masks

The Anti-Bacterial Yarn Used In Our Face Masks

Our face masks have been carefully designed to cater for a certain weight, knit, and yarn. Each of these elements tweaked to provide optimum comfort without compromising on protection or style. Only the finest yarn is used in all our products and the masks specifically comprise of:

  • Elastic - 12%
  • Polyester - 40%
  • DIOLEN hygienic - 48%

The masks comprise of three layers:

  1. An inner layer
  2. A connecting layer
  3. An outer layer

The iconic white yarn used as the inner layer is DIOLEN. This hygienic, silver-based yarn provides protection against bacteria, allergens, and germs and is easy on the skin. 

How Does DIOLEN Hygienic Work?

DIOLEN is produced by TWD Fibres. It has silver ions which are permanently embedded in the polymer. Released silver ions affect the molecular structure of microorganisms. They impede the necessary metabolism or interrupt the cell division process of bacteria.


This explains the wide spectrum of antibacterial activity. Even in the warm and humid environment between skin and clothes, while doing sports or labour-intensive work, bacteria are hardly able to reproduce and related odours never happen.

More about DIOLEN, anti-bacterial testing, and other uses for this special yarn can be found on TWD's website or their product brochure


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