Using British Wool for Jumpers and Knitwear

Using British Wool for Jumpers and Knitwear

34 million sheep and 45,000 sheep farmers call Britain their home. This makes Britain one of the largest exporters of wool globally. While British Wool is often used for interior textiles such as carpets and rugs, we pride ourselves in using this unique fibre for most of our jumpers, beanies, and knitwear.

Differences in Wool

Wool is without a doubt an incredible natural fibre. Just some of its properties include it being biodegradable, moisture-wicking, thermo-regulating, and more. The handle or softness of the wool is primarily dictated by the breed and location of the sheep that produce it.

wool in different colours

Sheep have evolved to adapt to their environment, and that is evident in the wool that they produce. Sheep in warmer climates such as Australia have finer wool relative to their British cousins. Our British sheep have to contend with a harsher climate, and that makes their wool strong and robust.

The wool even differs geographically within Britain. Sheep that are located down south near Devon & Dorset produce much softer wool compared to northerly Scottish breeds. The softest wool in Britain, however, is a crown worn by the Blue Faced Leicester breed.

British Wool Benefits and Authenticity

Once the wool has gone through the rigorous process of shearing, grading, combing, and spinning, it’s ready to be turned into beautiful knitwear. Mars Knitwear is a licensee of British Wool who champion the farmers who produce this exceptional natural fibre.

British countryside with British Wool crook mark

All of the knitwear we produce contain 100% wool and include no man made fibres. Not only does this ensure our garments are sustainable and bio-degradable but ensures our customers receive only premium products. All our British Wool products contain the 100% British Wool crook mark and each individual garment includes a unique number which verifies that its purchase benefits our British farmers.

British Wool Jumpers and Knitwear

British Wool has been a staple in our production line since our inception. Our primary focus has been traditional British knitwear as we’re as fascinated with their stories as much as their designs.

The British Wool Guernsey

lady wearing a mars knitwear guernsey jumper eating a pizza

The Guernsey is an absolute Martian favourite. Our Classic Guernsey bears the patterns were used by the alluring Cornwall seaside villages and were handed down from generation to generation. This hard-wearing jumper was worn by fisherman who took on the ruthless environment out at sea.

The British Wool Aran

lady wearing a Mars Knitwear British wool Aran jumper

Our rendition of the Aran Jumper comes in 11 beautifully hand-picked colours, and the 100% Wool composition means you get all the thermal and hydrophobic benefits that were required by the original Irish inventors of the wind ravished Aran Islands.

The British Wool Beanie

Man wearing a Mars Knitwear British Wool beanie

The Mars Original British Wool Beanie is an essential for those who love chunky knitwear. We’ve kept this beanie simple with just our signature rib which accommodates noggins of all different shapes and sizes.

The Future

We’re constantly advancing our designs and have continuously invested in research and development. This helps not just us, but the customers who prefer us to manufacture our jumpers under their brand.

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